for winter 冬季 Seasonal bus/連絡巴士

Toya-Niseko-Kutchan 洞爺-Niseko-俱知安

It is easy to connect to South Hokkaido area and Niseko area by taking the Ltd. Exp. Super Hokuto. 搭乘特急Super北斗號銜接道南和Niseko區域,方便又快捷。

The [Express Iburi Bus] connecting Toyako Hot Springs and Noboribetsu Hot Springs is also in operation!!另有連結洞爺湖溫泉和登別溫泉的「高速IBURI號」行駛
Suggested itinerary for a Day Trip from Kutchan and Niseko to Toyako Onsen /從俱知安、Niseko前往洞爺湖溫泉一日遊範例行程

*Visit the Toyako Onsen Tourism Association website for more details! /※詳情請上洞爺湖溫泉觀光協會官網!

■Fares 票價

Toya Station⇔Kutchan Station・Hirafu Welcome Center / 洞爺站前⇔俱知安站前・Hirafu Welcome Center 1,700yen(Age 6-11 850yen)Toya Station⇔Niseko Hondori / 洞爺站前⇔Niseko本通 1,500yen(Age 6-11 750yen)Silo View Point⇔Hirafu Welcome Center・Kutchan Station Sairo / 展望台⇔Hirafu Welcome Center・俱知安站前 1,500yen(Age 6-11 750yen)Toyako Onsen⇔Hirafu Welcome Center・Kutchan Station / 洞爺湖溫泉⇔Hirafu Welcome Center・俱知安站前 1,600yen(Age 6-11 800yen)Toyako Onsen⇔Niseko Hondori / 洞爺湖溫泉⇔Niseko本通 1,400yen(Age 6-11 700yen)Silo View Point⇔Niseko Hondori / Sairo展望台⇔Niseko本通 1,200yen(Age 6-11 600yen)

Please make a reservation by 6pm on the day before. /※乘車前天18點前需要預約。

  • ■Operating company/行駛公司:Donan Bus/道南巴士
  • ■Cooperated by Hokkaido Noboribetsu-Toya Tourism Area Council and Hokkaido Railway Company
  • ■協助營運/北海道登別洞爺廣域觀光圈協議會・北海道旅客鐵道株式會社

Bus stop information/各巴士站地圖

Bus stop information/各巴士站地圖
  • Kutchan Station/俱知安站前
  • Hirafu Welcome Center
  • Niseko Hondori/Niseko本通
  • Silo View Point/Sairo展望台
  • Toyako Onsen/洞爺湖溫泉
  • Toya Station/洞爺站前

Image is for illustrative purposes./※照片、圖片僅供參考。

Call this number for reservation/請致電預約 Donan Bus Kutchan Office/道南巴士俱知安營業所0136-22-1558 (8:00~18:00)

This bus is supported by the project for extensive sightseeing promotion of Hokkaido Tourism Organization in 2019.