Q1 Ticket Purchases

Do you take credit cards?

The JR Hokkaido Ticket Counter (Midori-no-Madoguchi) and Twinkle Plaza accept JCB, VISA, MASTER CARD, American Express, DINERS, View Card and other brand cards.
Tickets, Ltd. Exp. Tickets, passes and Ltd. Exp. Pass [KAYOEARU] along with JR Hokkaido bus passes can be purchased by credit card. However, credit cards cannot be used to purchase some items such as Twinkle Travel Coupons, Travel Insurance and some other items.
[Midori-no-Madoguchi] does not accept the use of cash in conjunction with Twinkle Travel Coupons. Except for some locations, refunds are available at the original place of purchase.

From what age do children pay?

Children under one are all free when accompanied by an adult (12 and older). Two children between 1- 5 are free with each adult. Children 6-11 pay children's fares (half of adult fare, except for the sleeper and green car fee which is the same as adult fare). Children 12 and older must pay adult fares.
However, if children between ages 0 - 5 wish to use a reserved seat or bed on the sleeper alone, they must pay the children's' fare.

I would like to change my ticket.

Please see here.

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