Q5 Sapporo Otaru Welcome Pass

What are its validity period, fare, applicable scope and benefits?

Please see here.

Where can I purchase a Sapporo-Otaru Welcome Pass?

Please see here.

What facilities are available for the Sapporo-Otaru Welcome Pass?

Only Ordinary Car unreserved seats.

Is the same kind of ticket sold in Otaru?

It is not available for sale.

Can I use the Subway and JR tickets on separate days?

Yes. However, the valid dates for the JR tickets will be designated the day you purchase the ticket. (Ticket is valid for one month from the day of purchase) The subway tickets are valid the day you insert it into the automated ticket wicket.

I would like to use my Sapporo Otaru Welcome Pass when I arrive at New Chitose Airport. How much does it cost to the Free Area?

Please purchase a ticket for 780yen which will cover the cost from New Chitose Airport to the first station inside of the Free Area. (Kami Nopporo)

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