Q8 JR Hokkaido reservation service

I have a [Japan Rail Pass], can I use the reservation service?

[JAPAN RAIL PASS], [JR East-South Hokkaido Rail Pass]and [Hokkaido Rail Pass] are excluded from the online reservation service. Please reserve seats when you exchange your pass at the JR Ticket Counter (Midori-no-Madoguchi) or Twinkle Plaza (travel center).

Is there an international version of the reservation service?

"Yes, there is an English, simplified and traditional Chinese and Korean version. However, reservable tickets and trains are limited, and exclude the Hokkaido Rail Pass, JR East-South Hokkaido Rail Pass and Japan Rail Pass. For details please see the multilingual reservation site.

Can I make a reservation for the Asahiyama Zoo Train on the reservation site?

Presently only regular trains can be reserved via the internet reservation service. Trains like the Asahiyama Zoo Train, Norokko and Steam Locomotive cannot be reserved, so please visit the Midori-no-Madoguchi (ticket counter) or Twinkle Plaza (JR Travel Service Center) when you arrive and make your purchase.

Do the telephone information and reservation centers offer assistance in foreign languages?

Telephone information and reservation centers offer assistance only in Japanese. Please understand that we cannot assist in other languages.

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