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Q9 Other

Will I be compensated for other transportation fees if I miss the next transportation due to the trains being late or suspended?

The transport contract between the passenger and JR promises to transport passengers to the station printed on the face of the ticket. Therefore, we cannot compensate for other transportation facilities. However, some refunds are available for fares such as the Ltd. Exp. fee depending on the ticket. We do not refund or compensate for meals, or other transportation fares, lodging fees that incur due to late or suspended trains.

Are there any IC (Electronic Cash) cards?

JR Hokkaido sells the [Kitaca] IC Card. Other IC cards are not sold, but there are other cards that can be used. Please see here for details.

Attention to passengers boarding the train in a wheelchair

Some of the Ltd. Exp. trains have designated seating for wheelchairs available.Please note that it may take a little time to confirm the station of use when reserving your seat.The train staff is ready to assist passengers in wheelchairs boarding and disembarking other trains as well, so please contact the station you use prior to boarding. Please understand that depending on the time of day or zone we may not be able to meet your requests in full.We ask that passengers who cannot use the restrooms inside the station and on board the train alone, be accompanied by a helper.

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