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    Hokkaido Round Tour Pass (Hokkaido Furii Pasu)
How to obtain a Hokkaido Round Tour Pass(Hokkaido Furii Pasu)

You can purchase a Hokkaido Round Tour PassHokkaido Furii Pasu
at the following places:

•Major stations of JR Hokkaido
•Any JR Travel Service Center (Twinkle Plaza)
•Major travel agencies in Hokkaido
•JR Hokkaido branch offices in Osaka and Sendai
•JR East
•JR Shikoku
•JR Kyushu

This pass is not available at offices of JR Central and JR West.
To purchase a pass from JR East, you need to buy both the pass and Hokkaido-bound JR tickets, air tickets, etc., or present these tickets at the time of purchase.

The Hokkaido Round Tour Pass(Hokkaido Furii Pasu)offers 7-day unlimited rides on Ordinary Car unreserved seats on Limited Express and Express trains, as well as on the Kaikyo Line (between Kikonai and Nakaoguni) and JR Hokkaido buses (excluding some routes). Ordinary Car reserved seats can be used up to six times.  This pass may be used only by the person who has signed his or her name on it.

Types & fares
7-day pass (not valid in peak seasons)

Ordinary Car ¥26,230


  • Ordinary Car: Ordinary Car reserved seats on Limited Express and Express trains can be used up to six times.
    Surcharges are required on First-class and B-type sleeping cars (Limited Express charge, First-class Car (Green Car) charge, berth charge, etc.). A numbered ticket is necessary to ride the Home Liner train.
  • Please note that the pass cannot be used for the following trains:
    •Express Hamanasu sleeping cars
    •Cassiopeia, Hokutosei, Twilight Express, Elm and other Express trains with sleeping berths that come directly from Honshu, the main island of Japan.
    •Intercity bus routes between Sapporo and Asahikawa, Sapporo and Obihiro, Sapporo and Mombetsu, Sapporo and Erimo, Sapporo and Hiroo, irregular bus lines and the Kiroro Resort Bus line.

  • Facilities and equipment available to passengers are subject to change. Please ask the staff in charge before your trip.

  • If you intend to use a reserved seat, please apply at any JR Ticket Counter (Midori-no-madoguchi) before boarding. If you do not have a reserved seat ticket, please use an unreserved Ordinary Car seat. You will receive the reserved-seat ticket anywhere the Hokkaido Round Tour Pass(Hokkaido Furii Pasu)is sold. Reserved-seat tickets are not issued at ticket offices for the JR Central Ticket Counter (Midori-no-madoguchi) and the JR West Ticket Counter (Midori-no-madoguchi)

Valid period
7 days from the starting day. Cannot be used between Apr. 27 - May 6, Aug. 11 - Aug. 20, Dec. 28 - Jan. 6. The period of validity cannot be extended even if it includes any of these days..

You may return the pass to the office where it was purchased for a refund, if done within its valid period and before the starting date.
The Hokkaido Single Pass and the Hokkaido Pair Pass cannot be reissued if lost or stolen. Keep it safe.

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