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What is the Hokkaido Rail Pass?

Ride all the trains in Hokkaido with just this pass!

If you have a Hokkaido Rail Pass, you can ride all JR trains and some designated JR buses within Hokkaido. This allows you to ride trains and buses without having to buy tickets each time, and you don't have to worry about language barriers.

* There is an extra charge for the sleeping car and carpet car.
* The JR Hokkaido bus routes available to pass holders are limited
* There is an extra charge for boarding the Twinkle Bus

How many days is it valid?

Choose from a 3-Day, 5-Day or Flexible 4-Day pass.

*1. The 3-Day, and 5-Day 7-Day pass allows you to choose the starting day, and can be used for either 3 or 5 or 7 consecutive days from the date of issuance.

*2. The date of use cannot be selected with the Flexible 4-Day Ticket. It is effective the day you either purchase or exchange it, that being day one, and continues to be effective for ten days in which it can be used any four days either consecutive or not.
EX: If you purchase or exchange a Flexible 4-Day ticket the 1st of July, it is effective until July 10th, and can be used any four days within the ten day period.

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Ride Limited Express,

Types of cars

Differences between the ordinary car

Compared to the ordinary cars, the Green Cars have more spacious seating and you can relax while you travel.

Ordinary Cars

Green Cars

* Seats are limited, so we ask that you take a seat in the ordinary car or the next train when the train is full.

After April 1, 2015, prices will include only Ordinary Car. If you wish to board the Green Car, you must have the paid Limited Express Ticket and Green Car Ticket for each zone.

Special prices exclusively for foreigners!

Let's compare prices!

·Day one, from Sapporo to Hakodate
·Day two, from Hakodate back to Sapporo, and to Otaru
·Day three, from Sapporo to Asahikawa

Please see the model courses listed below

When you compare prices like this, it is obvious how economical the rail pass is. With the Hokkaido Rail Pass, the farther you travel, the more you save!

Hokkaido Rail Pass Application(PDF)

3-Day Visit to Sapporo,Hokodate,Otaru and Asahiyama Zoo

Regular Price 28,560yen * Train fare only,regular season


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