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How to use reserved seating

There is reserved seating on the Limited Express, Express, Rapid Airport, and Sightseeing trains.
Present your Hokkaido Rail Pass at the station ticket counter and state the date, train name and zone you wish to use and a reserved seat ticket will be issued at no extra charge.
When tickets are inspected aboard the train be sure to present both your rail pass and reserved seat ticket to the conductor.

 The use of reserved seats  The use of free seatingPlease present your rail pass to the conductor

  • * Please use the free seats when the reserved seats are full
  • * If you decide to change your seat or train after the reserved seat ticket has been issued, please go to the ticket counter before the departure time.
  • * If you miss the train with your reserved seat ticket, please take the next train and use the free seating
  • * Issuance of a reserved seat ticket can only be made after you have exchanged or purchased the Hokkaido Rail Pass. Please understand that reservations for reserved seats cannot be made outside of the country.


  • ·Please go through wickets with staff. Do not use the automatic ticket wickets.
  • ·Your ticket cannot be re-issued. Please take good care of it.
  • ·Only persons with a pass bearing the pass holder's name can use the pass.
  • ·We are sorry, but no refunds are available for delayed or cancelled trains. We have no responsibility on the arrangement and payment for an alternative transportation or an accommodation, and the payment for a meal.
  • ·Refunds are not available for passes that are already in use.
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