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JR Hokkaido Working Holiday Pass

End of Sales Announcement (From 1st of April 2015)
We regret that due to low demand, these passes will be terminated as of March 31, 2015.

The JR Hokkaido Working Holiday Pass is a rail pass available only for foreigners from abroad who are living and working in Japan on a "Working Holiday" visa. It allows pass holders unlimited rides in the reserved seating sections on ordinary cars of Ltd. Exp., Exp., and Local Trains.


JR Hokkaido Working Holiday Pass 3days ¥19,540
5days ¥23,140


The JR Hokkaido Working Holiday Pass is available for purchase only to those with a "Special Activities Visa Alien Registration Card" and Working Holiday Permit (or copy) "Resident Card" or persons with a passport with the permit stamped inside. Please present all or one of the above mentioned when you purchase your pass. Purchases by a proxy are not allowed. Only the person who's name is written on the pass may use it. The pass cannot be used if when at the time of use the holder's visa status is not a "Special Activities (Working Holiday) visa. Also, please be sure to present your Alien Registration Card, Resident Card or Passport when asked by the staff to do so.

Range of Use

  • • Free embarkation and disembarkation of reserved seats on special express, express, and local trains of the Hokkaido Railway Company.
  • *Green Cars, Sleeper Cars, and the Exp. Hamanasu Carpet Car require the separate purchase of a reserved ticket for the Green Car, the express, the special express, or sleeper car.
  • • You cannot use the Homeliner or JR Hokkaido Buses.
  • • When using a reserved seat, please get a ticket issued at JR stations in Hokkaido, Travel Service Centers, beforehand. If the reserved seating is fully booked, you will use unreserved seating.

Period of Validity

  • 3 days • 5 days

Sales Locations

  • • Sapporo Station West Ticket Gate JR Information Desk 8:30 - 19:00
  • • New Chitose Airport Station JR Information Desk 8:30 - 19:00
  • • Twinkle Plaza Hakodate Branch (Hakodate Sta.) 10:00 - 18:00
  • • Twinkle Plaza Asahikawa Branch (Asahikawa Sta. ) 9:00 - 17:30
  • • Twinkle Plaza Obihiro Branch (Obihiro Sta. )9:00 -17:00
  • • Twinkle Plaza Kushiro Branch (Kushiro Sta.) 10:00 - 18:00
  • • Twinkle Plaza Abashiri Branch (Abashiri Sta).9:30- 17:00 (Closed Sat., Sun., and Hol)
  • • Abashiri Station 5:50- 22:30

Sale Term

  • From 1 month before date of travel to the same day of travel


  • • Before travel starts, the start date of the ticket can be changed one time.
  • • Trains may be changed an unlimited number of times, when done before the departure of the train on which seats have been reserved.

Return Policy

  • • During the period of validity, as well as before the usage start date, the ticket may be returned at a sales location, minus a handling fee of ¥780 (3days) , ¥920 (5days) .
  • • There are no refunds after usage has started, notwithstanding train delays or stoppage.


  • • Pass will not be reissued if lost.
  • •Only persons with a pass bearing the pass holder's name can use the pass.

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