Ticket Information

Types of Tickets

Types of Tickets

Train Type
(in Hokkaido)
Local train Rapid train Limited Express Shinkansen
Stops Stops at each station.
There are also trains which pass a portion of stations.
Passes some stations. Stops only at major stations. Stops only at Shinkansen Stations.
Car Type All seats are
Non-reserved seat cars Reserved seat cars Unreserved
Some trains
have Green
Car connected.
(Green Car)
Gran Class

Car Types of Limited Express Train

There are two types — Ordinary Cars and First-class cars (Green Cars).

Reserved Seat
The date, car, time of departure and arrival and seat number is arranged in advance, so you are guaranteed seating.
Non-Reserved Seat
You can ride at any time of your choosing in a Non-reserved seat car, with seating pending on availability (ticket must be used on the same day of purchase). As there is no designated seating, seating may potentially be unavailable during crowded times.

Passenger Classification

Passengers types are classified in the chart below.

Adult Age 12 and older
Child Age 6 - 11
Baby Age 1 - 6
Infant Less than 1 year old

for Children

Childrens' Basic fare, Limited express, Express and Reserved seat tickets are 50% of the adult price (rounded down by 10 yen or less). Childrens' First-class car (Green Car), Berth, and numbered tickets dispensed at boarding are the same price as adult tickets.

Fares for Babies
and Infants

Infants and babies travel for free, except tickets in the following cases:

  • 1.When three or more infants accompany one adult or child (tickets are required for the third and any additional infants).
  • 2.When an infant or baby occupies his or her own reserved seat, Green Car seat, berth, etc.
  • 3.When an infant travels alone.
  • 4.When an infant travels in a tour group.