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How to use the Automatic ticket checker

Insert your ticket into the ticket insertion slot. When entering the automatic ticket checker, take your ticket at the other end. When exiting the ticket checker, one-way tickets are collected by the automatic ticket checker.
There are tickets which cannot be used in automatic ticket checker. If you have one of the following tickets, please pass through a staff attended gate.
- Hokkaido Rail Pass
- Japan Rail Pass
- Tickets on which the reverse side is white or grey

In the Event of Missing a Train on Which You Have a Reserved Seat

Limited Express reserved seat tickets, Green Car tickets and other such tickets are not valid after the departure of the specified train and cannot be refunded.
If you miss your train, you will be entitled to a non-reserved seat in an Ordinary car on a later train on the same day. However, if you use a reserved seat, you will be required to pay the full amount of the Limited Express reserved seat charge.