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Sleeper Ltd. Exp. Twilight Express (Series 24) / Sapporo – Osaka

Suite (A private sleeper compartment for two)

The Twilight suite is a first class compartment which ensures premium comfort and enjoyment typical of train travel. The installed bed and shower room will make you forget you on board a train. The amenity is reminiscent of a ritzy hotel on the wheels.

Royal (A private sleeper compartment for one)

The popular Royal compartment has the same warm atmosphere as the Suite. Shower rooms are equal to facilities in a hotel. Enjoy a rich journey by train.
*If the room is occupied by two persons, one will use the auxiliary bed.

Twin (two persons) Single (one person)

Single rooms can be used by two persons and auxiliary bed. Twin can be used by up to four persons if you take out the partition.

B Compartment

The concept of group travel in a private compartment was incorporated into this compartment. Glass doors separate each booth. Four persons per booth.

Salon Car : 4th car

Wide windows that reach up to the ceiling with seats facing the windows. This is the perfect spot for watching the passing scenery from the train. At night, time passes slowly as you sip a glass of wine or light beverage and gaze upon the stars.

List of Facilities

Items Compartment Types
Suite Royal Twin
Single /Twin
Chairs, tables
Bath towel, bath mat ×
Face towel ×
Cups ×
Lavatory ×
Sink ×
Bath robe, travel set
Travel set only
Closet ×
Yukata, slippers
Shower room, dryer ×
Alarm clock ×
BGM broadcast
TV (Video broadcast) ×
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