Asahiyama Zoo Train

※ The final run of the Ltd. Exp. Asahiyama Zoo Train:March 24 and 25, 2018 (For 2 days)

About Asahiyama Zoo Train

The theme design for the car is "Let's go with our friends of the world."

In this occasion, Mr. Hiroshi Abe, author of picture book and former breeding staff of Asahiyama Zoo designed this train. Each train was designed as the theme "housing of animals" describing natural living and bright lives of the animals which live well in each environment of Asahiyama Zoo.

Comment from the illustrator of Asahiyama Zoo Train

There is a large number of animals on this planet and those are beautiful and strong. I drew them on the train and hope those animals will be happy with saying "whoof".

Hiroshi Abe

Hiroshi Abe

- Profile -

Born on June 19 1948 in Asahikawa, Hokkaido
He had worked Asahiyama Zoo as a breeding staff for 25 years since 1972.
In 1995, his outstanding work "One Stormy Night" won the 42nd Sankei Children's Literature Culture Award JR Award and the 26th Kōdansha Literature Culture Award department of picture book.。

Introduction of train

Introduction of Express Asahiyama Zoo Train

  • The 5th train "Supercold and snowy world"
  • The 4th train "Blue vault of heaven for birds"
  • The 3rd train "Ground of Hokkaido"
  • The 2nd train "Tropical Jungle"
  • The 1st train "Savanna of grassland"
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