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Important Announcement : Notice Regarding Temporary Train/Bus Service Due to Suspended Service between Sapporo and Obihiro/Kushiro

Until further notice, limited express train service in Hokkaido will be suspended in certain areas.

[Suspended Trains]
  • Sapporo and Obihiro/Kushiro
    All Super Ozora/Super Tokachi trains: suspended in all areas until further notice ( The aimed period is by the end of year ).

* Please visit our website for updated information(only in Japanese version).


Explanation of the symbols
Tokyo - Sapporo timetable
Sapporo - Higashi - Muroran - Hakodate timetable
Sapporo - Obihiro - Kushiro timetable
Sapporo - Asahikawa - Abashiri/Wakkanai timetable
New Chitose Airport - Sapporo - Otaru timetable
New Chitose Airport - Sapporo -Otaru - Kutchan. Niseko. Oshamambe timetable
Asahikawa - Biei - Furano(Furano Line) timetable
Abashiri - Shiretoko - Shari - Kushiro(Senmo Line) timetable
route map

It is a route map which is described the sign and the number in parallel in the station name.
(Example) S15-OTARU

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